there's wineum and beerium
(encouraging delirium)
aelwynium kathleenium
make robium and rikium
there's coffee and walnuttium
chocolate cake and stuffium
beryllium (yes, reallium)
with scottium makes biffium
and timium and debbium
there's striderslite and kryptonite
and dekker and the israelites
bottium and bittium
productive of two babium
rachelium, alicium
(inflates balloons with helium)
chipsium and fishium
who live in an aquarium
jamaicarum and lagerum
(or fosters in australium)
milkium makes butter (um,
add chlorine and some sodium)
fionium robynium
theodorum and ulysseum
there's thisium and thatium
tumbi snudge and crackium
there's falko-um and finnium
and spanish inquisitium
(you did not expectium
the spanish inquisitium)
if I could give a longer list
of elements I surely would
of others that I may have missed
no news has come to chorleywood

(apologies to Tom Lehrer, W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan)

2 thoughts on “elementary

  1. Down south in metro-landium, a man with too much timeium, is writing diddle dee deedium! Up north in east midlandium sits one whose comprehendium just covers elementium of physics o-levelium. She cannot quite believium that periodic tablium is now so extensivium!!

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    1. the rhymium is oldium
      predatium retirium
      the timium I wastium
      relievium my tedium
      in hours without a tradium
      all paid by canaccordium


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