Welcome to Harry Hornet’s Parade

I’ve had some great times watching Watford FC at Vicarage Road and elsewhere. Never, though, when I took my daughter along…

When I was

A young boy

My father

He took me into Watford

To see the Hornets play

He said

“Son when

You grow up

Will you take

Your daughter into Watford

To see the Hornets play?”

He said “Will you

Depress her, Your daughter

And all the Vic’rage Roaders

With goals that we let in?

Because each time

You go there

With Alice

The Hornets will be rubbish

You’ll never see them win”

(to the tune of “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Harry Hornet’s Parade

  1. Your father, bless his soul, seems to have an overly jaundiced view of the ‘Orns future prospects. Of course there are plenty of disappointing games, but from my own experiences real ‘highs’ are more than adequate compensation taken over the long-term.
    Peaks and troughs – elation and despair, that’s the reality.

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    1. Thanks, you’re quite right of course. I’ve added a qualification at the beginning. My daughter has just been very unlucky in that respect – alas, much more of the despair than the elation!


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