Some clerihews

At 16, gently
Embraced the very new
And invented the clerihew
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
‘ad deux sumbs et huit fingres
Not to mention dix teuse
When painting “La Grande Baigneuse”
Tony Blair
To much despair
Ignored Chirac
And invaded Iraq
Elizabeth Truss
With maximum fuss
Was our Minister, Prime
For the shortest of time
Johnson (Boris)
Quoted Horace
“Pro patria mori”
Just like a Tory
Elvis Presley
Would not eat mu-esli
But he was a nutter
For peanut butter
Chas and Dave
Their talent gave
With careful nurture
To bring us “Gertcha”
Nicholas Breakspear
Never met Shakespeare
But might well have done
Five centuries on
Gordon Brown
Oft wore a frown
Which gave him a sinister
Aspect as Prime Minister
J M W Turner
Had a large Bunsen burner
(In fact quite a number)
To make his burnt umber

…and one which isn’t a clerihew at all:

Here in the UK
We no longer say
Thou, thee or thine, we say you.
But the people of France
Do a delicate dance
To decide if it’s vous or it’s tu

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