Come join the u3a

(To the tune of Cabaret by Liza Minnelli)

What good is sitting
Alone in your room?
You’re never too old to play.
Come join the U3A, old chum,
Come join the U3A.
We find that it’s fitting
To learn how to Zoom
‘cause now it’s the only way
To come to the U3A, old chum,
Come to the U3A.
Come taste the tea,
Come hear the talk
Come sing your song
Start educating;
Right this way,
Your group is waiting.
A friend of mine took Wine
And quickly learned the art of
She got to know her
Merlot from her Claret
And now she runs
A winery in Sarratt
A fellow thought he’d go and join
The Striders
He walked eight miles and then had
Seven ciders
And when they said “There’s
Four more miles you know”
He just laughed and told
Them where to go
A lady in our road was
Learning Scrabble
But sad to say it soon became
A rabble
They threw her on the street
Because you see
In every single game
She put down "qi"
Another chap joined Politics
But someone started arguing
in Russian
And though they tried they
Couldn’t seem to mute him
Then they found his name was
Mr Putin
My neighbour went to learn
The ukelele
But when he tried to sing it was
A fail-ee
Instead of sounding
Confident and warm he
Always came out very like
George Formby
No use permitting
Some prophet of doom
To wipe every smile away
Come to the U3A old chum
Come to the U3A!
Please don’t be quitting
We’re gonna resume
After this holiday
Come join the U3A, old chum
Welcome to U3A, old chum,
And I love the U3A!

(Debbie and Rik Edwards, July 2020)