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Happy reading!

Betty – our grumpy little rescue dog

Let Me Take You Down… ‘cause I’m going to, Strawberry Fields records in Rickmansworth

25 best Edward Lear limericks

Cracker – our black Labrador, r.i.p.

Le gros commandant Whof Whof Whof: Part 2 – The Large Wynnstay Collider – conclusion of my search for aristocratic ancestry

(insert random number here) best ever cartoons

Two visits to the Apollo Theater, Harlem – in 2007 and 2022

The worst thing about Debbie – well, just that

Tumbi – my first dog

How did you get here? – attempting to explain a surge in blog traffic

A quarter of my life is almost past – reflection on The Lovin’ Spoonful

Le gros commandant Whof Whof Whof – in search of aristocratic ancestry

Medal Going Home – getting a medal back to its family

Kath’s writing – my mother’s writings and memories

Forgotten Moments in Music History – the story of our cartoon series

The Panic Brothers – music memory

Breakfast with Goofy – memories, family

The Mint Juleps – music memory

Cecil Parkinson, Ken Livingstone, music and me – personal history, music

Take a Trip to No Dragon Wood – song lyric, humour

Aelwyn’s Writing – my father’s writings and memories

The University Challenge Challenge – humour

Welcome to Harry Hornet’s Parade – humour, football

Aelwyn’s War – my father’s wartime memories

Blackadder Goes Forth – “Goodbyeee” – Television’s finest half hour? – TV criticism

The Gem of Tanzania – personal history, financial

Rhys Jones in the Battle of Normandy – my father’s cousin’s wartime memories

Trying not to Work – personal history, publishing

1996 and 1997: How Merrill Lynch ruined them – personal history, financial

the end bit – music, dark themes

The Mug Protocol – humour

Matthew and Son – music, humour

Father to the Man – personal history, running

28,103,832 drips – humour

O jabjous day! Callooh! Callay! – reflections on Covid vaccination

Smokey’s 49-year vacation – personal history, music, humour

Room 101 – having a good moan

The Sneeze – humour

Llanuwchllyn – family history

The Copper Bowl – personal history, charity work

Up to the Job – personal history, financial

Come join the u3a – music, u3a, humour

My Short but Glorious Rugby Career – personal history

Palin and Holmes – looking back to greatness – reflection on celebrity

The Excellent Trap – fiction

Navigation Aid – fiction

Totality – fictionalised family history

Cryptic Music Quiz: difficulty level – extreme

Losing My Religion – personal history

The Two Ronnies – rediscovered Mastermind sketch – humour

Library Night – personal history, children

Let’s do this – personal history, music

Cliff Richard and the Shadows, O2 Arena, 26 September 2009 – music memory

Odontophobia – personal history, dentists

Sallie – family history, my grandmother

Buzzworld-X – fiction

The Picture – family history

Lockdown Diary: part 2 – Covid

Lockdown Diary: part 1 – Covid

The Laboratory in Chestnut Avenue – personal history, paper rounds

The Secret Genius of Charles III – The Beatles, Shakespeare authorship question, humour

Taid – family history, my grandfather

Nine Handy Trouble-saving Opera Hacks – opera, humour

Passing Back the Wisdom – fiction

The Rolling Stones, O2 Arena, 25 November 2012 – music memory

Basil Murray Savage 1910-1994 – memories of a teacher

Paddington Bear and the Cholesterol Bath – personal history, breakfast

Teacher’s Pet – school memories

David Bowie, Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, 24 December 1972 – music memory

The shadow on the lawn – personal history

David Gauke – My Part in Not Preventing His Downfall – personal history, politics

Night visits – dreams

Nain – family history, my grandmother

51 – fiction extract

elementary – poem, humour

Please don’t – on Europe

Addressing Unfairness in the Virgin London Marathon and Boston Marathon qualifying times – running

king commode and his expanding rubber band, Watford Grammar School for Boys – 1st April 1969 – music memory

Dr Feelgood, Cambridge Corn Exchange – 25 September 1976 – music memory

Everly Brothers, Royal Albert Hall – Thursday 22 September 1983 – music memory

Led Zeppelin, Empire Pool, Wembley – 21 November 1971 – music memory

The Golden Tree of St Francis – fiction, ghost story

run places – running

The Bream and the Mule – personal history, humour, poetry

The Voyage of the Alpha Beta – personal history, humour, poetry

A brush with greatness – personal history, Sir David Attenborough

Fall of the House of – personal history, financial

Two photographs from 1933 – family history

Finish line – running, dark themes

Gaukey and Me – personal history, politics

Opportunity Requiem – space exploration, poetry

Gan-gan – family history, my grandfather

Jeremy Corbyn and the Large Flightless Bird – personal history, humour

The Top (Insert Arbitrary Number) Classic Nasty Songs – music, humour

A Guide to Completing Your Wimbledon Ballot Application Form – humour

Six Spades – fictionalised family history

Pulled Pork Baguette with a Side of Grief – personal history

No Dragon Wood – family history, fiction

The GRILL PAN HANDLE – personal history, humour

The Ticket Drawer – family history

Midnight – fiction, dark themes

Fact Check: How to Hug – humour

Running and Cheating – running – Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett and Jimmy Savile

Colin – school memories

At Brookfields – fiction, old age

Silly Mid-Off – personal history, cricket

Ronald – personal history, humour

The Restless Miller – fictionalised family history, ghost story

At Pantclyd Farm – fictionalised family history, dark themes

The Fisherman’s Girl – fictionalised family history, ghost story

High Barnet Train – fiction, dark themes

Bit Nicer – fictionalised family history

Absolution – fiction, dark themes

Barry Humphreys gets rid of Rik Edwards – personal history

For Dad – family history

Cinquanta – family history, poetry, humour

How to do “The Times” Crossword

John Lennon 1940-1980 – eulogy